Chia-Ying Lin | Composer

林佳瑩 – 作曲

Manifest Flair

“[On Intermezzo to the Minotaurassemblage of instruments conceals a violence just underneath the surface that erupts in whiplike percussive energy and some thoroughly explosive solos.” — Tom Service




16 FEB  «Dear Heart-Strings,»  Das Neue Ensemble, NDR, Kleiner Sendesaal, Hannover, Germany
07 FEB  «New Work»  World Premiere by Ensemble Intercontemporain, cond. Tito Ceccherini, Radio France’s Festival Présences 2023, Paris, France
15 JAN  «ASCOLSIA»  Bochumer Symphoniker, cond. Tung-Chieh Chuang, Bochum, Germany
14 JAN  «ASCOLSIA»  European Premiere, Bochumer Symphoniker, cond. Tung-Chieh Chuang, Bochum, Germany


27 NOV «Isolarion»  Counterpoint Ensemble, Taiwan
13 NOV «Flâneur» World premiere, Taoyuan Chinese Orchestra, Cello and ensemble, Taiwan 
17 SEP  «New Works for string orchestra & quartet»  2 World Premieres, Camerata Taiwan, Taiwan
JUNE  «Dear Heart-Strings,»  Birmingham, UK (TBA)
09 JUNE «Stolen Time» World premiere of work for large ensemble, Parco della Musica, Rome.
08 APR  «The Fabricated Sugar-Coat» WeiWuYing commission – world premiere. Opening Concert of WeiWuYing International Music Festival. Taiwan Philharmonic (NSO), cond. Wen-pin Chien. WeiWuYing Concert Hall, Taiwan.
19 MAR  «Anamorphosen» Camerata Taiwan, cond. Su-Han Yang; Gasteig Sendling, Munich
18 MAR  «Anamorphosen» Camerata Taiwan, cond. Su-Han Yang; Kammermusiksaal, Berliner Philharmonie, Berlin
16 MAR  «Anamorphosen» German Première, Camerata Taiwan, cond. Su-Han Yang; Kleiner Saal, Elbphilharmonie, Hamburg
12-13 MAR  «Dear Heart-Strings,» Das Neue Ensemble, Sprengel Museum Hannover, Germany
10 MAR «Dear Heart-Strings,» world premiere, Das Neue Ensemble, Teatro San Leonardo, Bologna, Italy
06 MAR  «Anamorphosen» Camerata Taiwan, Hsinchu Performing Arts Center, Taiwan
04 JAN  «Into the Silent Ocean» On Radio: Deutschlandfunk Kultur: Lucenre Festival Forward 


NEWS  Chia-Ying awarded a Composition Commission funded by the Ernst von Siemens Musikstiftung
05 DEC «Lumina»  ChiuKo Traditional Orchestra commission, online concert, full version with animation.
21 NOV  «Into the Silent Ocean: Listening to Cetaceans»  commissioned by Lucerne Festival, world premiere, LFCO, KKL Luzern Concert Hall, Switzerland.
09 NOV  «New work» commissioned by FontanaMIXensemble, world premiere in Bologna, Italy – postponed to 2022
Nov-Dec «Shan Shui» Artistic online project Sound of Tomorrow by YoungJin Kim, Seoul, South Korea 
24 OCT  «Lumina» commissioned by ChiuKo Traditional Orchestra, world premiere, Zhongli Arts Hall, Taoyuan, Taiwan
17 OCT  «Under the Moonlight» concert version, Counterpoint Ensemble, Kaohsiung, Taiwan premiere (re-scheduled)
26 SEP  «Under the Moonlight» concert version, Counterpoint Ensemble, Pingtung Performing Arts Center, Taiwan
21 SEP  «Lumina»  ChiuKo Traditional Orchestra, online recording trailer, Taiwan
JUN 2021  «Tradimento» Published by Ermes 404, Rome.
25 MAY  «Corpo a Corpo»  Teatro Studio Borgna, Parco della Musica, Rome, Italy
12 MAY «Antara»  World premiere by Reylon Yount, Livestream for Wiltshire Music Centre, UK
09 APR «Painting from Life» Sheng Concerto  World premiere, Taipei Chinese Orchestra cond. Su-Han Yang, soloist Li-chin Li, Taipei, Taiwan


Camerata Taiwan, August 2020
Camerata Taiwan & Chia-Ying Lin, 2020


09 DEC  Chia-Ying joins the Roman publisher ERMES 404 with two works published
24 OCT  «Dasein: Ho Yuan-chen Solo Album»  Ceremony of the 31st Golden Melody Awards for Traditional Arts and Music, Taipei, Taiwan
30 AUG  «Anamorphosen» for string orchestra, Camerata Taiwan cond. Su-Han Yang, Hsinchu County Auditorium, Taiwan
28 AUG  «Anamorphosen» for string orchestra, Camerata Taiwan cond. Su-Han Yang, WeiWuYing, National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts, Taiwan
26 AUG  «Anamorphosen» for string orchestra, Camerata Taiwan cond. Su-Han Yang, Eslite Performance Hall, Taipei, Taiwan
21 AUG  «Anamorphosen» for string orchestra, Camerata Taiwan cond. Su-Han Yang, New Taipei City Concert Hall, Taiwan
11 AUG  «The Gaze»  nominated as Best Composition for the 31st Golden Melody Award, National Center for Traditional Arts, Taiwan. Ho Yuan-Chen solo album Dasein
29 JULY  «Isolarion»  Quatuor Béla at Festival Archipel 2019, Radio SRF, Switzerland
03 JUN  «New Work»  Innuan, Center for Italian Modern Art, New York, USA  *cancelled
12 MAY  «Particles»  Parco della Musica, Rome, Italy  *cancelled
05 MAY  «Antara»  Tangram ensemble, University of London, UK  *TBR
02 May  NMC Release (Philharmonia Composers’ Academy Vol.3, feat. Intermezzo to the Minotaur) reviewed on BBC Radio 3, Record Review, UK
01 MAY  «Antara»  Tangram ensemble, University of London, UK  *TBR
18 APR  «Intermezzo to the Minotaur»  BBC Radio 3, New Music Show, Tom Service
* date to be rescheduled


MAR 2020  New Release feat. «Intermezzo to the Minotaur» NMC Recordings, UK
JAN 2020  New Release feat. «Sūtra» for orchestra, NTSO, Taiwan
DEC 2019   New Release: Ho Yuan-chen solo album feat. «The Gaze»  T-MAP, Taiwan


31 DEC 2019  «Isolarion»  Radio Broadcast on RTP, Portugal
14 NOV 2019  Guest Lecture on Chia-Ying Lin’s music, University of Manchester, UK
14 NOV 2019  «Tradimento» world premiere, Marc Danel, Cosmo Rodewald Concert Hall, MHC, Manchester, UK
03 NOV 2019  «The Gaze»  Pianist Yu-Ting Huang’s Tour: Trude-Schüle-Stiftung, Murrhardt, Germany
29 OCT – 01 NOV 2019  Concert & Talk, Freespace, West Kowloon Cultural District, Hong Kong
27 OCT 2019  «The Gaze»  Pianist Yu-Ting Huang’s Tour: Trude-Schüle-Stiftung, Murrhardt, Germany
15 OCT 2019  «The Gaze»  Pianist Yu-Ting Huang’s Tour: Galerie Hus, Paris, France
06 SEP 2019  «The Gaze»  Pianist Yu-Ting Huang’s Tour: Schlössli Wartegg, Lucern, Switzerland
25 AUG 2019  «Isolarion» Radio Broadcast on RTS-Espace 2, Quatuor Béla at Festival Archipel, Geneva, Switzerland
23 AUG 2019  Chia-Ying Lin wins first prize at the National Taiwan Symphony Orchestra Composition Competition for «Sūtra» premiered by NTSO in Taichung, Taiwan
23 JUL 2019  «String Quartet» Radio Broadcast on BR-Klassik, Germany | Quartetto Maurice at aDevantgarde
30 JUN 2019  Deadline: Piero Farulli International Composition Competition 2019
13 JUN 2019  RPS/Philharmonia Events in London
02 JUN 2019  Premiere of RPS Commission «Intermezzo to the Minotaur» at Philharmonia Orchestra’s Music of Today, Royal Festival Hall, London, UK
30 MAY 2019  RPS/Philharmonia Events in London
28 MAY 2019  «String Quartet»  Quartetto Maurice, aDevantgarde, Bayerische Akademie der Schönen Künste, Munich, Germany
03 MAY 2019  RPS/Philharmonia Events, UK
27 APR 2019  «Viaggio della Seta» WeiWuYing (NKCA) TIFA Contemporary Music Platform, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
21 APR 2019  «Isolarion» Radio Broadcast on RTS-Espace 2, Quatuor Béla at Festival Archipel, Geneva, Switzerland
12-13 APR 2019  «Under the Moonlight» short opera, Volkshaus Biel, Switzerland
06 APR 2019  Premiere of «Isolarion» commissioned by Quatuor Béla & Festival Archipel, Geneva, Switzerland
05 APR 2019  RPS/Philharmonia Events in London
25-26 MAR 2019 RPS/Philharmonia Events in London
08 MAR 2019  «The Gaze» Sala Casella, Accademia Filarmonica Romana, Rome, Italy
28 FEB 2019  RPS/Philharmonia Events in London
07 FEB 2019  RPS/Philharmonia Events in London
27 JAN 2019  «ASCOLSIA» premiered by Seattle Symphony at Benaroya Hall, Seattle, USA
20-21 JAN 2019  Philharmonia Orchestra/Royal Philharmonic Society Composers’ Academy 2018-19, London, UK


DEC 2018  «The Gaze» Royaumont Foundation, France
NOV 2018  Chia-Ying Lin wins the Seattle Symphony Celebrate Asia Composition Competition
NOV 2018  RPS/Philharmonia Orchestra Composers’ Academy, London, UK
25 OCT 2018  RadioCanale7 – Main guest in the programme CULTOUR, Tuscany, Italy
27 SEP 2018   Philharmonia Orchestra/RPS Composers’ Academy 2018-19, London, UK
11 JUL 2018   Chia-Ying Lin wins the 2018 Royal Philharmonic Society Composition Prize, UK
16 JUN 2018  Visiting Composer at Delian Academy for New Music – Concert at Grypario Cultural Center, Mykonos, Greece
1 JUN 2018  New Album  «Sixteen Contemporary Love Songs»  released on Orchid Classics, William Howard, London
10 MAY 2018  «Chanson Perpétuelle»  performed at Nottingham Lakeside Arts, Djanogly Recital Hall, William Howard
22 APR 2018  «Chanson Perpétuelle»  performed at Tetbury Goods Shed Arts Centre, UK, William Howard
25 MAR 2018  «String Quartet with Three Trends»  performed at Festival Archipel, Quatuor BélaGeneva, Switzerland


28 OCT 2017  «Etna»  performed at the “Musiche in Mostra 2017” in the Museo d’Arte Orientale in Genoa, Italy
19 OCT 2017  «In memoriam Jonathan Harvey»  Taiwanese première at the Taiwan International New Music Festival in the National Recital Hall
14 OCT 2017  «The Gaze»  performed in the Eslite Performance Hall, Ho Yuanchen, Taipei, Taiwan
22 SEP 2017  «Transfigured Light II»  performed at the ACC Contemporary Arts Festival at Asia Culture Center, South Korea
16 SEP 2017 «Under the Moonlight»  Radio broadcast on Tilos Radio, Hungary
15 SEP 2017  «Under the Moonlight»  World première at Budapest Music Center, Hungary
11 SEP 2017  «Under the Moonlight»  Public talk at Budapest Music Center Library, Hungary
JUL 2017 «Chanson Perpétuelle»  Recording sessions, William Howard, London, UK
JUN 2017  Mentoring program at Peter Eötvös Contemporary Music Foundation, Budapest, Hungary
23 MAY 2017 «Chanson Perpétuelle»  performed in the Leighton House Museum, London
MAY 2017  Mentoring program at Teatro alla Scala, Milan, Italy
02 MAY 2017 «Chanson Perpétuelle»  performed at the Leamington Music Festival Weekend, UK
26 APR 2017 «Chanson Perpétuelle»  World première at Hoxton Hall, William Howard, London
23 APR 2017 «The Gaze»  Taiwanese première at the Taiwan International Music Festival, Taipei, Taiwan
03 APR 2017  «Viaggio della Seta»  World première at the Tongyeong International Music Festival, South Korea
MAR 2017  Mentoring program at Tonhalle Zurich, Switzerland
FEB 2017  Chia-Ying Lin wins William Howard’s Love Songs Composing Competition, UK
FEB 2017  Mentoring program at Peter Eötvös Contemporary Music Foundation, Budapest, Hungary


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